“I really don’t like her” Or “She’s Okay.”

I walk around society telling myself what not to do and what not to say. I question actions and words. But then I think, why? Is this normal? It really isn’t. I see individuality as a form of respect. Nowadays, I feel that we are assaulting individuality. For instance, there was a time where my … Continue reading “I really don’t like her” Or “She’s Okay.”

Agree Or We’re Sworn Enemies

What has happened in our society that we can’t manage to agree to disagree? We all perceive ourselves as opened-minded while the opposing views are narrow-minded. We have fallen prey of judging someone based on who they voted for and who they supported. We have forgotten about their past—about their dreams, goals, and struggles. They … Continue reading Agree Or We’re Sworn Enemies

Be Present: Empathy Vs. Sympathy

“If you love me, don’t let go... hold onto me ’cause I’m a little unsteady,” lyrics from the X Ambassadors, “Unsteady.”  I’m sure that we all feel unsteady at one point or another. We seek different people to remain collected, a spouse, a friend, brother or sister so on and so forth. But I’ve learned … Continue reading Be Present: Empathy Vs. Sympathy

Ramble, Babble, Jibber-Jabber Blog

Hello, everyone. Believe or not, I just finished a research paper right now at 4:30 am in the morning. I am on a high of reading, writing, researching, and editing. Dios Mio! I am mentally exhausted but feeling oddly enough quite optimistic. I don’t know why. But I thank God for this momentary, well, hopefully, … Continue reading Ramble, Babble, Jibber-Jabber Blog

Mentally All Over the Place

I believe my uncle passed away about two years ago. Quite frankly, I am not really sure why he died because it’s a long story. I couldn’t even go to the burial to pay my respects because our relatives gave us different dates. So that was a little hurtful. This time, it seems, my aunt … Continue reading Mentally All Over the Place

Am I A Good Person?

Most people I know claim, “I’m a good person.” And to be fair, I think the same about myself. But when we believe that title of “good person” suits us well,  we cease to examine our character. What do I mean by this? If I am a good person, then what's the point in questioning … Continue reading Am I A Good Person?

Dear Lord, I’m Sorry!

I'm so stressed. The world presses and professes things I refuse to hear and bear. Seeing those tears. I'm a witness to unfairness. But that's life, right? Admit it. Assume it. Breathe it. The greed of these serpents. Where is their heart? Their human existence? I, like a wild woman seeking it. That it. Trying … Continue reading Dear Lord, I’m Sorry!

Black Eyed Peas:”Where Is The Love? ft. the World

Hello, everyone. Today, I encountered the revamped version of “Where is the love” now featuring the World (“Where is the Love? Ft. the World”). I’m very happy that celebrities of different ethnic and race background gathered to spread a strong and balanced message. I won’t go into too many details, and I will try to … Continue reading Black Eyed Peas:”Where Is The Love? ft. the World

Be the Best. Sleep. Pray.

My countenance expresses confidence and assertiveness—perhaps even carelessness. Oh but I do care. I care so much, at times. Why? I have a million thoughts doing the cliché thing—racing. And am I mentally overwhelmed? Not really sure anymore. Not sure. My thoughts conditioned me to believe that it’s normal to feel drained. I walk around … Continue reading Be the Best. Sleep. Pray.

Near But Far Enough The BlueCut Fire

So, the BlueCut Fire burned many neighboring cities close to my home. The authorities did have to evacuate people from my city. Luckily, I live at the other end. Nonetheless, as you will see from the pictures I took, the fire was very close. I was difficult to breathe for a few days, and I … Continue reading Near But Far Enough The BlueCut Fire