Am I A Writer?

What does it mean when you read your own chapters that you are currently writing, and you find interesting? Sometimes I even ask, “I wrote that?” And it could be due to my disgust at the writing or a positive of thought of my own writing. A couple of weeks ago, I found an academic … Continue reading Am I A Writer?

Outlining: OneNote

Hi, I'm on a roll today! So I am currently writing a "fantasy" novel, so far called, Phat Earth, Not Fat Earth. I'm on chapter 8. Short synopsis: It's about a woman who struggles with her weight. She fights her demons or struggles both in our real world and in an alternate universe where she … Continue reading Outlining: OneNote

Friday Song #3 “Fuiste Tu”

Hello,  everyone! I've been busy writing, mainly editing, a collection of short stories for my M. A. English portfolio. I'm running late on it. So I forgot about the Friday song.  This week I chose "Fuiste Tu" (It Was You) by Ricardo Arjona a Guatemalan singer-songwriter. This is a duet with Gaby Moreno, another Guatemalan singer. … Continue reading Friday Song #3 “Fuiste Tu”

Writing, My Ogre

This is a very short blog. The process of writing is difficult. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise because it requires a lot of critical thinking, making sense, and editing. I recently re-read one of my first blogs, and it needed serious editing. I'm sure most of my blogs do. But that's the part of … Continue reading Writing, My Ogre

Why Do You Write?

Have you heard of “go with your gut instinct”? I always wondered about that phrase and if it had merit to it. The older of I’ve gotten, the more I realize the importance of listening to that gut instinct. I also love the phrase “go with your heart.” And when we have dreams, we might … Continue reading Why Do You Write?

Writers, Finish it…

Taking a vacation from my demented self (sort of) as well as the minor chaos that surrounds us. Here's something for fun. Feel free to add a sentence or more if you'd like. Cheers! Once upon a time there was a woman sitting on her computer trying to write a new fiction story about a … Continue reading Writers, Finish it…

Besides Writing, I Run.

Besides writing, one of my primary tools for stress and tiredness is exercising. At this point, I exercise four times a week. Earlier in the year, I tried six days a week. But that did not work out, and then if I lost a few days out of the six, I felt cheated from a … Continue reading Besides Writing, I Run.