What Is Your Creative Writing Process, Writer?

Today I only have a simply question for you. What is your creative writing process? What are your little quirks as a creative writer? What inspires you to write: poetry, lyrics, blogs, short stories, micro-fiction, fiction, non-fiction, etc.? I'll bulletproof mine below. It's not detailed because that would take me a book. But it's enough to share with you my part of my creative writing process. What's yours? Let me know in the comment section. Have a blessed week, everyone!

A Lover’s Gaze at Midday

Hi, I posted this [post below] on my Instagram @aprosette Have an great week! 🌹 ❤️ There's the insecure girl who lives from random messages, "What's up." Shallow phrases, "You're pretty" or "let's meet up" in the middle of the night, in the secret space. Then she grows into a woman, & all these boys … Continue reading A Lover’s Gaze at Midday