Hi, I’m Anger

Do you who I am? I am Anger.face-2083418_1920 I resemble death. My eyes are red like fire.

I have this dire need to touch your shoulder.

Yes, touch your shoulder while you’re driving.

Perhaps during dinner or breakfast.

I’m powerful in times of disagreement.

You, humans, make me laugh. You’re so easy and weak. I strike your pride and ego–your precious feelings. art-2174145_1920I make your blood boil.

I agitate you. I fog your mind. I clog your ears. I stab reason and logic.

I really wish you gave me more of a fight. I hate winning all the time.

Your shoulders tense up.Your eyes redden like mine.

Your tongue follows. And like a puppet I make you: bulb-1994881_1920.jpgYell. Cuss. Curse. Offend. Hurt.

I make you proud of your answers–Because you “won,” right?

You sure got the smarts. You fool! I don’t care what side you’re on—Or whose side—if you’re right or wrong.

Everyone loses, except me. My laughter echoes the universe. You hear it not.

You’re too angry for that. I win the great battle. Impatience is best friend and Disagreement is my idol, my fuel.






©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.


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