Hi, Hello

Hi, I am just stopping by to say hello to everyone. I hope you are enjoying your week, and I hope that you obtain many blessings psychologically, physically, and spiritually. It's been a tough season for everyone, I'm sure. I hoping to start blogging regularly again. I'm just working on a few things that pertain … Continue reading Hi, Hello

You’re Pretty

Hello, please feel free to follow me on Instagram at ana.prose. Have a safe & great weekend. 🌹 ©anaprose.com 🌹 2020 He said to her, "You're pretty. The kind of pretty that hurts my heart. You got that look like you're mean, & you don't bat your eyes like the other girls do. You don't … Continue reading You’re Pretty

Enough, I said, Enough

Hello, everyone. I hope your week is going great. If not, hang in there. Here's another video that I just uploaded to my Youtube channel, Writers & Artists Lounge. I hope you like it. Please, feel free to hit like, share, and subscribe. Thank you. I use Video Manager to create the video, Garage Band … Continue reading Enough, I said, Enough

My Youtube Channel Update

Hello, everyone. I mentioned that I started a Youtube account. However, the more I learn about how it works, the more I can maneuver my way around the channel. I finally figured out how to create a channel with a title I choose. So, I will provide you with my Youtube channel link, Writers & … Continue reading My Youtube Channel Update

The Wretched & His Stench

The wretched walk with a stench. The infected deflected by relatives and friends. Your demeanor, a fiend that offends the myths of their thoughts—the thoughts of those without financial worries. Your empty wallet yells, “Please, lend me some money.” Your mind debates, “Should I ask for some money to get by this month? I really … Continue reading The Wretched & His Stench

So Get To It! (3 min. Rd.)

One of the main things that I have noticed since beginning this blog is that I receive more support from people I don't know. In the beginning, it bothered me. Now, I don't care. I worked very hard on my blog, and I continue to do so. And of course, I do have those loyal … Continue reading So Get To It! (3 min. Rd.)